Friday, July 25, 2003

An interesting *spell* cast by a true Star Whizzyrd in the *Monotnussverse*. See how a cheap scrying glass can take you to the far reaches of the heavens: Backyard Paparazzi to the Stars

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Explosive Sand:

Well over one hundred miles long,
And you can see at least five without too much trouble,
All this sand along the water's dividing line,
It was hot,
Goldfire Sun,
Flaming across the waves,
Crisp and rolling,
Waves about two to three footers,
White caps peeking up now and then,
But the Sun started falling,
All the blue above and below the horizon line,
Faded down to inky black and merged,
Just boat lights in the distance,
An endless line of green before white trolling slow,
The big dipper appeared,
At about eleven forty o'clock and eighty degrees azimuth,
Yeah, and eighty degrees Fahrenheit too,
The moon shot up at nine by seventy,
Ducking in and out of heavy isolated cumulus darknesses,
The last gold rays of sunfire fading fast into pink,
And the sand lit up,
Bangs and howls and screamers and sizzlers and popcorn poppers,
Red white blue green gold orange firefall,
They were shooting right into the pan on the dipper,
As far as eye could see,
Over the city lights on both ends of Sand World's curves,
The Lake Michigan shoreline was a multi-hued strobe light,
The gulls were off in hiding,
And all you could hear was boom bam sizzle pop ohh ahh,
For nearly three hours the firefall dance said one message loud and clear,
"Happy birthday, home."


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 07/06/2003

Author's Comments:
Fourth of July night, Indiana Dunes.