Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dan's Birthday 2005

I had a wonderful birthday celebration in 2005 - in recognition of some of those who helped make it so, here's all about it:

For my Birthday in 2005:

Just before I went to sleep this morning, my mother and father in-law Sally and Leonard
called and wished me a happy birthday. Thank you, Len & Sally!
(Yesterday was their 54th anniversary. Happy anniversary, you two love-birds!!)
PS: They sing a pretty good "happy birthday to you."

When I woke up this evening, I had a very nice happy birthday message from my
step-son Dan on my phone. Thank you, Dan!


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I had the Catch 35 crab bisque to start, followed by the blackened mahi-mahi
with andouille sausage etoufèe sauce. Saren had the seared Chilean sea bass
with Hawaiian ginger-scallion sauce. With dinner, we each had a glass of the
Charles Klug Napa Valley Merlot wine, which is a heavy red wine. Dessert
Was Signature Key Lime pie for Saren & the AWESOME Triple-threat chocolate
cheese cake for me. The food was OUTSTANDING.
(Of course we each had generous samples of the other's desserts!)
Catch Thirty-Five was kind enough to give me the cheese cake on the house
for my birthday. Thank you!

(Thank you to our friend Tom for the gift certificate to Catch Thirty-Five!!!)
A just as big THANK YOU to my beautiful wife Saren for everything else!

I was wearing my flying fish Hawaiian shirt from our
Florida coast tour, with black leather jacket. Saren
was wearing her purple shirt and funky necklace from Chico's,
and we both looked very festive and hopeful for the coming
Spring weather.

My brother Jeff and then my sister Lana and her daughter Ariel called me
while we were at dinner to wish me happy birthday! Thank you, Jeff, Lana, and Ariel!!

After Dinner:

Quigley's Pub image
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We went to Quigley's Irish Pub and had Bailey's & coffee while I had a big
La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigar.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigar
(Click on the cigar to see more about these.)

The La Gloria Serie R is a seven inch by 54 ring guage. I had the natural
wrapper rather than the maduro.

While we were at the pub, there were quite a few people there speaking in
British accents and drinking Guinness Stout. We almost felt like we were
on an evening out somewhere in Ireland or England. Everyone was cheerful and
having a good time. We reminisced about visiting friends and helping our friend
Holly move into her new town home. My sister Lori and her fiancè John called
while we were here to wish me a happy birthday! Thank you, Lori & John!

After Quigley's, it was time to come home and tell you all about it...

Thank you to my friends, Art Paul, Eric, and Kat for the birthday e-mails.
Thank you to my brother Larry & his wife Patty for the cool birthday presents like
the "What The Bleep" book and everything. Thank you to my Honey Saren & our
friend Tom for the Awesome Elvis cards, and to Tom also for the "Outlaw Bible
of American Poetry".
(I'm reading a little bit of that every day, it's got some very interesting work in it.)

My friend Luis & his wife Cece will be celebrating with me this coming Saturday, and
We had an awesome Japanese steak & shrimp-flipper dinner at Yao Shue's this past
Saturday with our friends, Paulie & Cheree. (It was Cheree's Birthday on Feb. 7th)
After dinner we went back to their house and sang karaoke until way late.
Happy birthday, Cheree! Saren & I both had a great time.

Thank you to all those of you who called with kind birthday wishes and
who I wasn't able to think of at the moment I was creating this page!

It's all the wonderful friends and family like you guys that make each year
worth reaching. I hope we all have many more years in each others' lives.

Dan Stafford

I'm sure there are some of you that I've not gotten on the page, but thank you to all of you!