Tuesday, September 27, 2016

So My Oldest Blog Has A New Look...

...and that in and of itself is kind of mejical.

I love to think in poetry and metaphor. I think they're powerful tools for awakening the human mind. This morning, I think I need to speak mostly in a more straightforward manner.

I'm remembering three poets who have passed away since I began writing poetry online back around the year 2000...or was it 2002? I don't really remember for certain.

Clearly the online poetry world has gone through major changes in all that time.

All three of these poets I wrote with for several years on different poetry boards before their passing. Some of their poetry can still be found online, should one care to look.

These are my poetry ghosts:

  • P.G. Smith of Perth, Australia. (Known online as Hope Smith)
  • Ivor of Britain. (Known online as Poetic Piers)
  • Christine Doran of the USA. (Known online as Talitha Ruatha)
I want to give them remembrance here, because they deserve it. Each were kind. I collaborated with all of them. Most of all, I miss their unique voices in the world. I think that is all we really have in this world, living or dead. Our voice.

Use yours well, my readers. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

Voices Among The Stars...

As we orbited each other,
Exchanging waves of gravity,
The Earth spun on.

I don't know if we're oblivious,
Or face oblivion.

I know you shined,
Still burn brightly in my mind.

Thank you new stars,
For the light you all gave my world.

You're missed,
Each and all.

(C) 09/27/2016
By: Daniel A. Stafford