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Compassionate Community...

Post by AquarianM on Dec 8, 2008 at 6:08pm

Compassionate Community...

As the layoffs and rumors fly,
Hopes and dreams are thin,
Resources even thinner,
Hand to helping hand,
Remember "united we stand,"
Because divided we fall.

The neighbor who lost their job - and internet,
Has no fuel to drive to search,
Give a few minutes on the web,
Job-hunting and State aid sites are great,
If you can find them,
Or will our poets fall off line one-by-one?

We have all these back yards of grass we have to water,
When out-of-work neighbors can pull weeds in all that garden space,
As grocery stores are harder to visit,
Canning parties next fall sound delicious,
When compared to shoe leather boiled in grief sauce.

A neighborhood Captain maybe,
Or better a Yahoo list to go along with Craig's,
Sharing time and resources in exchange for food,
Village projects for solar heaters and hot water,
First to those who need utility assistance,
Then for the rest of us who learn "waste not - want not" first hand.

The time has come my friends,
To know your neighbors,
Trade a little help for a bit of work 'round the house,
Supporting those still working,
So they can support those unemployed,
Grease the local wheels first,
Keep the tall from falling too fast and hard.

It's all of us in the end - salvation from on high may be slow.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
Who Cares About Copyright On This - 12/08/2008