Sunday, October 06, 2019

No Spectators In The Pumpkin Wars...

No Spectators In The Pumpkin Wars... 

I tend to fall...well,
In with the traditionalists,
Tories of pumpkin as it were.

Pumpkin pie and coffee is sacred,
Nearly as hallowed as jack-o'-lanterns,
Though not so far as to need a turnip harvest,
I find Linus quite modern,
Searching for some "Great- Pumpkin".

Spice this and spice that,
Ceareal and ice cream,
Probably shampoo and soap,
Destroying perfectly good bacon,
Will asparagus be next,
Or is it caviar and champagne?

I'll go as far as pancakes,
Just leave my devilled eggs in a natural state,
Zucchini too.

There is only one way I'll consort with the enemy...

No whip,
Don't skip the nutmeg and allspice,
There in the land of magazines and good books,
Or perhaps poetry.


Look at the pretty leaves!


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 10-6-2015