Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Great Spinning...

The Great Spinning... 

To cover our nakedness,
The first cloth was long-ago spun.

All of life is made up of vortices,
Perhaps everything in the Great All must spin.

Every galaxy in the universe has been spinning since the beginning of time,
Just as do the planets around the Sun,
Jupiter's great Red Spot,
Saturn's majestic rings.

Water down a drain mirrors currents in the seas,
Winds and waves swirling and twirling,
So too tornadoes and hurricanes.

Sound waves spin the air,
Like pressure sculptures invisible.

Love is a vortex always reaching for our center,
Epic whet a brief tornado,
Endless jet stream,
Or brief Summer zephyr,
Leaving us forever changed.

Lies must also be spun,
Like a spider's web,
They are sticky and difficult to maintain,
Anchoring their author in time and place,
Often destroyed by larger forces.

Just as maple seed and Autumn leaves spin to the ground,
So too I imagine the breath in our lungs,
The blood in our veins.

Even electrons and atomic particles spin,
Made up of spinning quarks and magnetic fields.

I imagine other universes spin in dimensions we cannot see,
Perhaps meeting at the center of black holes.

The seasons and our lives exist because things spin,
Even rays of light and snowflakes wind their ways to their destinations.

Perhaps that's why I wrote this in cursive,
My pen spinning to the Muse's lovely tune.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 09/22/2019