Monday, September 30, 2019

The Sunday Paper...

The Sunday Paper... 

We were watching the Sunday Morning show on CBS,
A Sunday tradition of ours,
Her passing comment took me back decades;
"Like in the Sunday Paper..."

I remember a time when you were lucky,
Maybe a single gas station in town was open,
Family and friends home together.

The expanded comics section was in color rather than black and white,
"The funny papers" some called them.

The arts and theater for the week listed in all their glory,
Reviews and previews.

The local community section with local accomplishments and festivals,
Who won the bake-off,
The local boy who my officer,
College and high school graduations and weddings,
Exotic vacations townspeople were taking.

Himtan interests were the best,
How to keep blacksmithy alive,
Or cutting ice on the river fifty years ago,
Maybe how a new museum was being planned.

Of course there was a gossip section too.

The best days of another era.


© 09/29/2019
By: Daniel A. Stafford