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Captain Of The Wordship...

Post by AquarianM on Apr 22, 2006 at 10:46pm

Captain Of The Wordship...

Take flight through the nebulosity of heartlight,
Engage the muse drive,
Flowing to the edge of the galaxy on a stream of letters,
Shielded in ideas and firing off metaphors,
Training telescopic ideas on miracles.

Transport to the planet of beaches and sunshine,
Replicate love at first sight with the stroke of a pen,
Dream of a supernova of rose petals,
Pulled into the darkness of a lonely heart,
They shine x-rays upon new unions.

An orbit around some kind old moon,
You meet up with alien ideas,
A new race of poetry shines in the night,
Encompass a universe in a warp bottle,
Take it home and pour it on the federation of poets.

Crossing space sitting on a lilly pad,
Stunned by Earthlight in the forever night,
Every blue marble than can be or will be,
Saved by the grace of a new style,
Write life into the darkest places,
Alive with interstellar trinkets.

Traverse time capsules racing in poem pods,
Wishes and hopes everyone will find in some moment,
Touch mind to mind swimming in the seas of green thought,
Alive with butterfly birds and candleflies,
Adrift in the smoke of distant suns.

Conceive of tea that is always hot,
Beam hopelessness out of this universe,
Transposed by faith in verse until it glows with light,
There is a sea of stars awaiting,
All you need to do is read them,
Every distant color that awaits somewhere in the universal backwaters,
Curled up in eddies of temporal twists,
You dodge around paradox like a mystical word dancer,
Captain of your wordship,
Commander of the ethereal pen.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 04/23/2006