Saturday, August 22, 2020

Fog Horn...

Fog Horn... 

I'm here to warn you all,
A deep booming rumble,
Rolling out upon the invisible waters,
Fog and mist obscure,
News yet to be discovered.

I danced with the three sisters,
For a solid week and more,
Squash was delightful and steady,
Corn was delectable,
Sweet and charming,
Green Bean was snappy,
Full of energy,
But that tango with sweet Watermelon,
What an utter delight,
I was sated and more.

A chance encounter,
The first night it was Pasta,
Who tread on my toes,
But her wild sister Pizza,
The glories,
The glamour!

Yet the next morning,
Oh the next morning,
You'd think I'd had a fifth all alone,
The fog was overwhelming,
A hang over,
 Tired and head-mushed,
I crawled off the rack,
Dying for the wonderful sense,
My rescuer lovely Coffee,
Kept me alive through the day.

I think I've finally learned,
Those Gluten sisters are all Mickeys,
They'll leave you in the fog,
All the energy of a cold rock,
Praying for the day to end.

You've been warned,
And I've sailed past.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 08/22/2020