Wednesday, September 02, 2020

When Twenty Twenty Has Gone...

When Twenty Twenty Has Gone... 

I look back through this year,
This psycho cocoon of a year,
And I wonder.

The damn thing literally saved my life,
Locked down the traffic,
Just as the rain spun me,
No poetry,
No me,
For real.

We've been each given one or t' other,
This year,
This clear as glass year,
Essential and working like maniacs,
Or home staring at the walls,
In either case,
Our souls are reflecting back,
No mirror the wiser.

Do you know what is real yet?

I look back at this rollercoaster of a year,
All the flash and crazy carnival,
Disaster theater on steroids,
Carnival barker buffoons in all directions,
Pissed-off Mother Nature,
Us little crybabies sitting time-out.

I look back,
I wonder,
Cam we really do it?

Go back to the snake oil,
Bullshit and rah-rah cotton candy,
All the used car sales of a life?

Do you know what is real yet,
Who actually must go on?

Will we pull the veil clear of our illusions,
Free of our self-delusions,
After Twenty Twenty is gone?


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 09/01/2020