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Singing on King's Hill:

Post by AquarianM on Jan 18, 2004 at 2:13am

Singing on King's Hill:

I saw the Fisher King,
Sad and hysterical,
Joyous a raucous and somber,
Hard-hearted and tenderly loving,
It made me wish to brandish a hood ornament sword,
And sing songs from atop a ruined old Chevy.

I saw the hits of the seventies and went back to school,
Song after song after song like the ghosts of spine chills,
I remembered young and easy going,
I once danced like the Fisher King,
Alive atop a pile of nothing jewels,
Moses with a funny book,
Laughing secret tears over mystery causes.

Still I spin a life around love and interest,
The dance of King's Hill,
Crafting baubles out of nothing much that touch the heart,
When something is beautiful I feel joy,
When her eyes sparkle the Moon swings into place and the stars come out,
The Red Knight is lost in a forest of dragons,
Too busy to ride near.

It's the eye of the beholder that makes a life,
And places of darkness were meant to fall,
Yet a gleaming hub cap mirror makes my spirit dance,
And suddenly I hear the brass I will someday bear to war,
Not a war of arms so wasteful,
But a war of spirit,
With angels' music the battering rams of hearts will make,
The light gleams and pearl keys beckon softly,
And the subtle magic slowly falls into my fingers,
You'll hear it when it reaches my heart.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 01/18/2004

Author's Comments:
Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges - no small wonder it blew me away.