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Three Years Trembling:

Post by AquarianM on Jan 25, 2004 at 1:14am

Three Years Trembling:

I've listened to the wind,
Seen the world land upside down,
Lost one of the standards of my life,
Wondered where in creation I really am,
Because this dream is beyond anything I'd have ever believed.

Send me to America,
Send me home.

Time was anyone could say anything,
And no one had to listen,
Seems like now we say nothing,
For fear even the wind will listen,
And I'll never put my name on the list for a book.

Calling America,
Are you home?

I walked down to the river alone,
Just six years old and there was no fear,
I dipped my feet in the water it was glorious,
Hot sunshine and cool water I was free, free,
Like the air was where I ended I flew on.

Ghost of America are you in tears,
Darling Liberty your daughter Responsibility ran away.

Incredible things were made there,
Everything was made there,
A neighbor's name was never "Hey you",
There was an entire world outdoors,
We were bundled up but never in straight jackets.

People honestly believed you America,
You still had the scent of truth and good upon you.

Can you recall the child you were America,
What have you done to yourself and your children,
What God-forsaken fears have crawled under your skin,
That you feed them drugs to behave,
Swaddling them in electronic blankets.

Oh God America,
Where has your soul fled?

Come back home,
Come back from the scared witless brink of insanity,
Come back to freedom and never shut out a single voice,
Please oh please be you again,
Not some pale ghost of an ideal.

Do you remember America,
When there was no haze in your skies?

No one worked weekends and holidays,
Two jobs were almost unheard of,
Night shifts were only in hospitals and power plants,
Families lived close to the land because it was their life,
And if we swore it must have been something awful beyond belief.

America, America, America,
Come back home!

You were great...


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 01/24/2003

Author's Comments:
The things that are going on with workers' rights, constitutional rights, offshoring, corporate greed, abuse of the land and oceans, blatant crudeness, they are absolute abominations. Sometimes I wonder if I've been pulled through a wormhole into some forsaken alternate universe. This is not the country I grew up in. We've lost way, way too much. People NEVER would have put up with this when I was growing up.