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Card Games...

Post by AquarianM on Jan 20, 2007 at 5:43am

Card Games...

Ace of Hearts...

Young, too young, to really understand....still the Ace of Hearts admired.
Teen aged lust rages in veins still flush and opened, softness desired.
Hands longing to gently touch, but none there to feel their reward.
Squeezing the last drops out of fantasy, the Ace of Hearts.

Apprentice to the Sorcerers' College.

Lovingly on fire, burned at the stake, learning of pain to partake.
Ice-blue eyes that know just how to burn your heart with a fake,
Love declarations withering on the vine, there still is a long time,
Before the Ace of Hearts shall be freed of the price of rhyme.

Learning of lonliness spells in time to myriad rock tunes.

Betrayed, remembering a heartache so deep you long to be the Ace of Hearts.
Defying fate's call to make warmth a part of life, blacking out new starts.
Watching your heart beating out it's last warmth in the palm of an unloving lying hand,
Player of games that slept at your side, with a truth no blouse nor magic sweater could stand.

Sometimes your heart lies to you. It knows no better.

Tears grown into an ice-strewn river, nineteen years no armor,
Shall guard you into forever, from the pains of amour,
But the card in the frozen blue ice cube, the crystal ball of pain,
It's the Ace of Hearts that is locked in the frozen painful rain.

A moment in time trapped, heart strapped away.

Emotions drowned so deep, no longer able to weep.
Ace of Hearts, you have now become, but the price is too steep.
Do you ever thaw, ever see the sun again?
Ace of Hearts, forever in mourning?

Don't wear black in the ice cube too long,
That crystal ball of pain glorified in song,
Is no way to live a lifetime,
Cold well past your prime.

Have your dreams died away?

Ace of Hearts, you think you know all the rules.
But in reality, it's the rules for fools.
Learn love. Hard, cold, soft, warm, blinding.
But at least it's a wealth of feeling.


By: Daniel A. Stafford

Deuce of Hearts...

A wild card, a wild ride, a better way, a loving side.
Starting out new, shiny and pretty, easy to slide,
Ending up well worn, tattered, and sticking together,
But it's the two that time will treasure.

Two hearts on a single page.

They start out burning in the sunrise sun,
Hot wild passion and magic and fun,
And through it all they see lots of play,
Though in the end the warmth of sunset will stay.

Best card in the deck.

In any hand, united they stand,
And helping to win is really quite grand,
Though thought of as low, they continually go,
Hand in hand.

It's always seemed such a warm card to me.


By: Daniel A. Stafford

Author's Comments:

I once, long ago, evaluated the way a failed relationship went.
It seemed to me that the other person involved wanted to just
have physical intimacy and sometimes a bit of companionship,
but when there was any hint of permanence or responsibility
for how you treated the other in the picture, she balked.
And so my mind pictured an ace of hearts, frozen in an ice cube,
and a two of hearts, laying in the warmth of the sunrise.
This represents to me a difference in approach to love and relationships.
A choice, if you will, between a coldness and hardening of the heart in
an attempt to guard against pain from one who has chosen not to risk,
and a desire for warmth, closeness and unity from one who has decided
that they cannot remain frozen. The adage "love like you have never been hurt"
comes to mind. Hence two of my recent poems.
What choices are you making?