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Dreams Of Angelsong...(3 Poems of my Guardian Angel)

Post by AquarianM on Dec 21, 2006 at 6:47am

The Bluest Angel...

Tiny Angel, wings so white,
Watch over me as I pray goodnight,
Let Mommy be safe and happy please,
You in your robes so blue, me on my knees.

I watch you fly in God's grace.

Tiny angel, flit down upon my cupped palms,
Smile up at me, singing, with no qualms.
A voice so ethereal and uplifting,
Carry my heart through a life that's shifting.

Thank you for carrying my prayers to heaven so well.

Bluer than the skies,
Angel with the bluest eyes,
Singing and free,
Thank you for loving me.

Fly always in beautiful childhood dreams.


By: Daniel A. Stafford

Author's Comments:
A dream, from very early childhood in Madison, WI.
This took place when I was three.

Azure's Song:

Closed my eyes last night,
Ahhhh....closed my eyes,

Saw something in the soft dark quiet,
A light way off in the distance,
Spotlight shining down in soft electric blue,

Hushed gentle music while the angel danced,

She danced - just her in the blue glow,
White wings blue gown swirling,
I could see it then,
Just a faint sparkle of gold dust,

Little lights drifting up to Heaven,

Slow and gentle like the dancer's grace,
And she sang bringing about tears not sad,
Her voice brought chills to my spine,
Oh, God my scalp was tingling and, and,
The golden lights were floating up everywhere now,

Do you hear me everywhere!?!

And as the song was about to end,
What had been just a wordless play of voice,
A song of pure music with no syllables,
Was drifted by the angel of blue,
Into one sweet sentence so beautiful,
I needed no more dreams,

No more dreams,

For what she sang so purely was,
What I then knew the golden lights were,
What I wished with all my heart was,
"Hear their prayers."


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 03/01/2002

Dreams Of Angelsong...

I've been reading that little book,
The one about how to talk to your angels,
How to know you Guardian Angel's name.

I get it now after all these years,
It came to me when I was half-asleep on the train to work,
Drowsing through those simple, loving pages.

They tell you to ask your Guardian to reveal its name,
In my case "her" name,
She's come to me in dreams and visions,
It's taken me all these years to understand.

Our prayers and hopes and dreams are our song,
She sings them to God the Universe for all of us,
Her wings unbounded by constraints of space and time,
A creature of utmost grace and beauty,
To hear her is to weep with joy for the sound of prayers,
Azure is her name I just know it.

Thank you, Bluest Angel for your loving flight,
Thank you for gracing my dreams at just-right times,
Thank you for loving us enough to sing our prayers in Heaven.

Just knowing you is a Christmas gift.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 12/20/2006

(This photo is an un-retouched [except sizing] 35mm of the sun shining down on Lake Michigan I took in 2003)