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A State Of Blue Burning...

Post by AquarianM on Feb 26, 2011 at 7:53am

A State Of Blue Burning...

They used to say that the Moon was made of green cheese,
Some brilliant dithering distraction to a red carpet ride to Hell,
A pitiful place of dirt, dark, and grunge,
Hopeless is what they wish for you,
Beaten like poultry in old flour before the pan,
A junkie for whatever relief they'll let you have,
No love to know after that first breath,
They use all that green cheese to paint everything their way,
Every brick and sentence bought and sold cheaply.

That's their vision, not ours.

Picked up,
Dusted off.

After the shock of surprise,
The drums are pounding a deafening roar,
The signs are waving,
Voices arise and neighbor feeds neighbor,
Even the constabulary can see Hell down this road,
The world over is echoing a poetic Santa Claus:

"On Wisconsin, On Egypt, On Libya and On Tunisia,
On Ohio and Texas and Tennessee,
On Florida and Oklahoma,
On Britain, On France!"

How I love to see those hearts afire finally dance,

For a brave new world.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 02/26/2011

Words are the mind's bridge - it's connection to the universe.
Love is the heart's bridge - it's connection to all other souls.
Loving words can work miracles.
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