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An Old Poet's Soul:

Post by AquarianM on Apr 3, 2004 at 1:39pm

An Old Poet's Soul:

When you close your eyes you wake up,
When the silence touches your mind you learn to speak,
Where the words appear matter the least,
On a keyboard or old worn notebook,
Perhaps the inside of your eyelids,
Even amidst the background hiss of old cassette tape,
You speak on and on and on,
Reaching and teaching,
Yourself amongst others,
When that field of ancient wisdom touches you,
Allows you to embrace the words like treasure,
Then carry them home like precious stones,
Sparkling and reflecting an inner light,
Is it any wonder you have an old poet's soul?


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 03/30/2004

Author's Comments:
Just a small bit of what goes on when a poet is touched by inspiration. Never mistake it, when you are writing from the source you can feel it - it's very spiritual, and healing.