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The Impossible Egg Of Sunrise:

Post by AquarianM on May 29, 2004 at 5:39am

The Impossible Egg Of Sunrise:

They say it can't be done
In songs full of catharsis and ennui
Beautiful music filled with beautiful pain
Knowing how to be too hip in the face of good-bye
Awash in an ocean of exquisite endings
Nature of the beast for too few endings
Drive by instinct for the chance at new beginnings
Love or unthinking drive to reproduce
Mother Nature sweeps us through drowning rivers
Hoping for children underneath the mind
The feet seem to always need to move after the heart stops
All the stained glass of sorrow's spell-binding rainbow
Ruled by body knowledge into yesterday's bittersweet dust
The blues were meant to make you blue.

They said there are only an endless string of sunsets
For every blue sky the evening turns red
Leaving dancers awash in in utterly deep memories of blue
Insane Van Gogh flowers of the heart
The stars are distorted into pinwheels by tears
The body drags heart and mind through indigo mud
Driving on in a repetition of animal fire and cold blue anguish
Mix and match like the Devil made everyone do it
Radio plays and on and on the dial spins until you break
As the needle drags back to the outer edge.

They said it couldn't be done and I'm laughing
Every sunset holding your hand as the gold fire washes the beach
The sky turns to a sunny side up egg full of dreams
Once you understand the sun must set and rise endlessly
Valleys and peaks and a determination to walk them all
Something shared in the fact that the magic never really leaves
Rosy glow all along the strings of a simmering skillet
Flip the egg and dip the toast the hash browns are made of commitment
As Autumn walks falling leaves all over our faces
I love knowing I'll hold your hand on the shore
Even in the blanching bitter cold of Winter's blowing teeth
Rejoicing in the constant chatter of two crows flying South
Banter and laughter and tears and something I never need to give up
I see you laughing with me or at me or both
As we revel in the impossible egg of sunrise
No longer needing to distinguish between footprints in the sand
I'll cook the bacon you butter the toast
Love is everywhere lies have left
They must have stared too long at the sunset
Still blindly believing it can't be done
Let's sing on the other side of the world Babe
The sun is still coming up again.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 05/29/2004

Author's Comments:
Romantic fire is only the beginning, it's the long long glow of embers that flare and fade over and over that makes a full life. They should tell you that in the constant courses on "happily ever after."