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Post by AquarianM on Mar 12, 2004 at 4:45pm


When did it become so onerous,
To speak of the issues that affect all our lives,
When did it become impossible to discourse,
Without fighting to stop a dissenting mouth,
How much ear wax is there,
In the social hive,
Sing me the song of America,
Home of the FREE and brave,
Feed me no Mufflespeak,
When fascists wish to leaven and rise,
Place no hand over my mouth,
Don't cover your eyes with sand,
Look at the blue sky of love,
When we return to hearing each other,
Without raising hands in anger,
Mufflespeak will be off the menu.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 03/12/2004

Author's Comments:
People treat political discussion like it's dirty - and yet they fall under the political thumb. Burying the discussion buries the power of the people to change this. Opening discussion allows no shadows to hide. We need everyone to speak and hear each other more than ever. This cultural imperative to shy away from the subject or fly into anger when such opinions are expressed needs to be changed. Doing so is the only thing that will keep power in the hands of the populace in reality. Open ears and open minds, unclenched fists open palms for handshakes.