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One Un-bent Night:

Post by AquarianM on Mar 22, 2004 at 4:25am

One Un-bent Night:

My breath was floating into the past,
The engine running at idle,
The stars shining through the city glow from above,
I listened to the vibrations of the Earth,
Echoes of love won and lost,
As the frost slowly melted off my windshield,
I held the soft brown feel of a good cigar,
Slowing to gentility with each fading smoke spirit loosed,
Reaching for the connection under the soul,
Needing the Family Muse's whisper in my heart.

The shadows bear long,
But it takes only a simple candle to banish them,
And at the hidden bottom of the night,
That light can blind you gently,
Leaving you with all sorts of dreams and wishes,
Or simple silence of nothing in the flame dance.

I felt presences come and go,
I felt threats and love flow around like a kaleidoscope,
The endless dance of joy and pain and fear and hope,
All the things that drive this laboratory of souls,
Drifting with the scent of the glowing final puff,
I let the stub fall on hard concrete and put my foot down,
Unwilling to scorch the earth that cradles us,
Walking in to feel these words fall out of endless nothing,
I know that this connection is something spiritual,
And I know enough to let the fear pass,
And touch every ember of love I can find.

Let's walk kindly together through this dream,
We could act in unison for a time,
And gift those silent distant stars,
With the blessed peace of one un-bent night.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 03/22/2004

Author's Comments:
My Mother's ghost looked me in the dream, and thought me to walk soft.