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Blended Seasons ~ Collaboration With Sugarmuser...

Post by AquarianM on Oct 3, 2011 at 10:36pm

Blended Seasons...

Seasons come and seasons go
they also reside side by side,
one man's winter is another's summer,
one man's chill is another's heat.

Sweet Summer sits with old gnarly Winter twice each year,
A brief respite as they pass each other,
One flying North,
The other sailing South,
"Let us play the game dear Cousin, and see what beauty we create."
Winter purses his lips,
Breathes a chill night mist upon the leaves of Northern trees in his opening move.

Summer temptress likes a cool flowing breeze to rouse the heated skin of sun bathers.
Her game plan is a simple one, clear the clouds,let sky blue hover endlessly
above for all to roam with thoughts of suntanned romance.
"I'll loosen muscles, free the mind and brighten smiles
with scented, floral arrays and bird calls."

Winter knows the plants are tired,
Creatures small and large full of hustle-bustle growth,
Soil has given up much to renewal of life,
He whispers to birds to gather in flocks,
Sending winds from the pole with chill rain,
Darkening the shortening days of the North,
Sending mortal thoughts to home and den,
Sweaters and jackets,
Candle light and restful reading.

Summer knows everything has rested
well enough to hop, skip and jump into
another bright season of water sports
and BBQs. Beckoning all to go outdoors
and spend some playful time together.
Energizing glow she shines upon all
who venture out to feel her warmth,
invigorating love and lust
everywhere she goes.
Winter watches with old knowing eyes as bonfires are raised on chill and starry nights,
Orion once again rising over the horizon,
He swirls a bolt of frigid air from far Norther Canada,
Sends it all the way down to Tennesee,
Sending his Pixie friend Jack Frost and all his cousins,
Dancing under dark clouds,
Painting windows and grasses with diamond dust,
Sealing the tawny-gold burst on grass and thistle,
Milkweed bursts and spider husks,
Even their silken bundles of waiting eggs,
Smiling softly his eye glints,
A shard of clouded ice.

Summer sees parades of swimwear
complete with hats and sunglasses,
toned beach bodies laid on the beach,
children building sand castles.
Clear summer nights where stars
shine brightest and their surrounds
are deepest set, the moon is happy
to have their company while drifting
on warm summers breath.
These are the nights when lovers hearts
beat a little more rapidly, tuned to the
excitement of summers prosperity.

Winter breathes a sigh full of twinkling frost,
Exhales a mighty gale that covers three states in deep snow,
Whirling and swirling it drifts,
Higher than a man's head in places,
Everything stops in place,
Lovers are stranded indoors with nowhere to go,
Spending the long quiet hours in each others' arms,
Before the world slowly starts digging out,
All the water stored for what comes in Spring,
Turns to Summer and winks a pleased smile.
Seasons come and seasons go
they also reside side by side
one man's winter is another's summer
one man's chill is another's heat.

Sugarmuser ( ) & AquarianM
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(C) 10/01/2011 Sharon Brown and Daniel A. Stafford
Words are the mind's bridge - it's connection to the universe.
Love is the heart's bridge - it's connection to all other souls.
Loving words can work miracles.
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