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Houses Unholy…

Post by AquarianM on May 10, 2007 at 12:03am

Houses Unholy…

Double-dipping mortgage Queens,
Sucking energy sight-unseen,
Death traps down in New Orleans,
A self-imposed case of ball-n-chains,
Phosphorus fountain spewing into the Gulf until the fish all gel,
Artisan crafting a red-tide Hell,
All due to demand for that elegant classic design,
We can’t seem to trip beyond the status of Grandpa’s time,
Architects - the Energy Hog loves your sign,
I’m desperately trying selling mine,
Of solar panels and hot water I never found the time,
Still working off toeing Com Ed’s line,
Sucking on the Nicor straw like a buzz saw,
Chewing up my wallet in a Home Depot maw,
Created by a now-enriched demon spawn,
At least I refused chemicals to poison up the lawn,
A sweet little picture by the online for-sale sign,
God please help me – it’ll again be moving time,
Sweep and mop and paint and hammer,
If we don’t pay up it’s the Poor Man’s slammer,
And we laugh at the ‘fools’ begging in the streets,
While these houses unholy commit a third of global warming deeds,
So kill some more oceans with that brand-new key,
Turn up the lights and feed the fish more mercury,
I’m making save-me-from-the-evil-eye signs,
Wishing I’d hired a master architect with a really green design,
But at least the sheets are washed and we’re all appropriate,
Fully decked out in the stealth commission of Halloween,
Oh – my lord – there’s a hole in the screen,
Shouldn’t have bought it sight un-seen,
But our household devotion,
Is sinking island nations under the ocean,
Holy oblivious, Batman, we're aggregate and solely,
Idiots chained to houses unholy.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 05/10/2007