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Seeing God At Night…

Post by AquarianM on Jun 2, 2007 at 2:06am

Seeing God At Night…

Some might think it a lonely walk,
Chicago at 2:30 in the morning,
Quiet while the wind gently whispers,
Twinkling lights across the river,
A quiet soul or five far down the street.

I don’t feel it lonely,
The ants all left the hive,
A beautiful city so few see like this,
Windows in the distance – some few with lights,
The art of the night-lit buildings and quiet little spaces I see.

Restaurants with chairs up on tables and empty,
Glowing neon like a morning invitation,
Or glass plate sculpture of backlit dinner plates and glasses,
The Chagall tiles at the fountain plaza near the bank,
Stained glass windows near the church tell a story.

A million zillion little wonders,
Never seen in daylight,
It might be the hand of man,
But any fool can look up and realize,
There’s nothing gentler than seeing God at night.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 06/02/2007

Author’s Comment:
I feel a sense of quiet reverence when I get to go out for a walk on break at night. God crafted so many different and unique souls, and some of their prettiest works surround me when I walk downtown Chicago on summer nights. Most people would find the big city frightening late at night in their six o’clock news imaginations, but in reality it’s peaceful and quiet down here, mostly utility workers and street crews doing clean up. There are many, many little and large points of interest in the architecture and lighting of Chicago’s buildings at night that are rarely if ever photographed. Most picture books of the city will show you everything of daylight’s marvels, but there is a whole other side to the place they’re mostly missing.