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Sunshine And Barefoot...

Post by AquarianM on May 8, 2007 at 9:11am

Sunshine And Barefoot...

Sweet soft old songs ring through my mind,
A maybe we remember it kinder, simpler time.

Gone fishin' - there's a sign up on our door.

The foundations of hate down low and dug up dirty,
like the roots of a poison vine to burn inside-out.

Gone fishin' - we ain't a-workin' anymore.

There's a whole lot of sun just shinin' cross the country,
And I love to go barefoot where the green grass grows - slow.

Gone fishin' - we're only havin' fun.

Under a shady tree I dream of my brothers being there with me,
Black - white - red - brown - yellow laughin' and tugging on taut string.

Gone fishin' - by a shady-wady pool.

We'll sit and joke and watch big cigar clouds change shape,
That blue sky we share full of visions.

Gone fishin' - glad we're that kind of fool.

I see an image of screaming meanies in the news and point it out,
We stuff their mouths with sweet potato pie as a big blue heron flies from the South.

Gone fishin' - our hound dogs by our sides.

An army of gentle clouds rebuilding everything everywhere together,
Cloud guns raining down to soak away in the ground.

Gone fishin' - the fleas are biting at their hides.

We do it better than before in ways that heal the land,
Side-by-side Mother Nature and every shade of hand.

Gone fishin' - instead of just a-wishin'.


By: Daniel A. Stafford, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby
© 05/08/2007

Author's Note: The single-line "gone fishin' " refrain is from a duet sung by Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) and Bing Crosby. The rest of the lines with it are mine.