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Bubble Mountain

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Daniel A. Stafford7/21/2000 12:21:46 PM
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Bubble Mountain

An eight year old attempting to learn something new,
A mother teaching thought she'd had the job true,
"Fill the little door there with dish soap, push the lever."
"Push the button there and then you can leave 'er."

Mom says she's off to take a nap.

Me, I'm off playing hotwheels in a sixties Nebraska summer,
Chargers and dragsters and hotrods, but nary a Hummer.
The field behind the house is hot, and sand burrs in the yard,
Long summer days in the middle of nothing are not hard.

Usually not, until you hear Mom scream!

I ran in the house, expecting a louse, or a monster's glare,
But the sight that I saw I couldn't even draw, all I could do was stare!
From the living room door they were coming out of the kitchen,
A mountain of bubbles, suds taller than a skinny kid due for switchin'.

I couldn't believe my eyes!

A myriad tiny rainbowed suds, filling a twenty foot room,
And a screaming mother wading through with no broom.
Trying to find the sink, or the dishwasher door,
So that Ivory Liquid wouldn't make any more!

The bubble blob was eating our house!

Twenty minutes more and the basement would be,
Drowning in foamy white suds 'cause of me.
We spent the rest of the day bailing with pans,
And cold water running and filling our hands.

It took hours to wash them all down.

I spent the next two days washing everything five feet and under,
And with a spinning head full of childish wonder.

Why hadn't she said Cascade?


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 07/21/2000

Author's Comments

A real life tale of childhood. I know it sounds like Little Rick and Lucy, But it truly was me and my Mom. I've never seen anything like it since. It's a Famous Family Episode now. (FFE) We still laugh 'til tears come to eye.

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Daniel A. Stafford7/21/2000 12:21:46 PM
9/27/2020 5:44:26 AM
Daniel A.

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Leighmarin@kci.net3/2/2001 5:18:41 PM
Oh Dan, this is sooo funny! The imagery is so vivid ... I can see why you and your family still laugh about this! It's wonderful! :)