Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Sartia's Halo Polish...

Sartia's Halo Polish... 

Even halos get dulled,

Centuries of flights in all weather,

Missions of mercy and constant scenes of agony,

The acid in an angel's tears pits even the best materials,

And the corrosion of the soul facing death,

Time after time after time,

Followed by the healing expansion of spirit,

The one you get in the joy of a miracle delivered,

The flowery scent of tears of joy,

When a mother sees her child cry away near death,

Surviving with no longer fevered little curls,

Still damp with the sweat of fate,

Sartia's hands have always been brave,

As she scrubs the crags of woe from their halos,

As each touch brings a flash of the visions,

The sight of what the Heavenly host have borne,

As Sartia rinses them with martyrs' blood,

And tears of requited love,

Under God's golden moonlight,

In her little garden world of pale roses,

Her blue eyes are ancient,

And her soft face is ever young,

As the shaken hug her in mutual comfort,

Their halos returned after each brief respite,

Their crushing weight for a time lifted,

She cries but softly in her state of gentle grace.


By: Daniel A. Stafford

(C) 12/18/2001