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Moon Hawk

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Daniel A. Stafford7/8/2000 4:13:26 AM
7/19/2020 5:30:09 AM

Moon Hawk

I just spent two days in free fall hurtling in a tin can through the night,
I've soaked up all the multicolored rays of tiny pinpoint lights,
And here I am staring through a port hole at the Silvered Moon.
It's looking quite like it has eaten half the sky to a merry tune.

So huge in my eyes, soon to be where my future lies.

The forces of landing pin me in my seat,
But the force of leaving the Earth my home can't be beat.
A new life dawning above the last of the clouds,
So far above, there will never be crowds.

Disembarking like a fluttering feather, a lightness I treasure.

I haul my bags here that weight just thirteen pounds,
Back where I came from they would have been grounds,
For a strained spine in time, an 80 pound roll.
Now I weigh in at forty one, but I used to do a 250 pound stroll.

I feel like I could throw a house over my shoulder and laugh!

Here is what I came for, under a crystal dome.
A new night but day sky I came here to roam.
Olympic player to match Icarus' rise,
Surveying my course, a sparkle in my eyes.

I strap on my wings, laughing in the sunlight.

Brightly colored sails of cloth extend my arms,
And in the lightness of gravity I expose my charms,
I shall soar away, just like a bird,
And win on race day, ahead by a third.

I came to the Moon to win!

I step to the edge, and in a graceful stroke of brilliantly colored nylon,
I leave the ground behind under my own power with ease.
I could be a super hero, a dash of derring do,
But I love flying, it's really quite true.

I finally know the grace of the Hawk.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 07/08/2000

Author's Comments

When I was a teenager I read about sport flying on the Moon. A fantasy that has remained with me through many years. With Musculature developed on Earth and one sixth the weight, You could literally fly with the right equipment in the light gravity.
If you were under a huge clear dome, you could learn what the birds know. Three dimensional freedom.

AuthorDate Entered/ModifiedViews
Daniel A. Stafford7/8/2000 4:13:26 AM
7/19/2020 5:30:09 AM
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