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The Secret Under The Bridge

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Daniel A. Stafford7/24/2000 9:14:49 PM
11/2/2020 11:13:41 AM

The Secret Under The Bridge

Chicago downtown on foot in summer, blue sky flashes,
Reflections off glass buildings, mad car and pedestrian dashes.
Flowers hanging in pots, purple white and red,
Drawbridges and concrete, islands of green along the river ahead.

River walk, concrete stairs, ornate sky scrapers, marinas in walls.

Family walking in a hurry, trying to make the afternoon cruise,
Take in the sights in stolen glances, the architectural boat tour we choose.
Gates under stairs, tucked away alongside green flowing water,
Trees shade small spaces along the river's edge, still growing hotter.

We missed the cruise, but the competition has seats across the bridge.

Tickets in line we must hurry, across river from Tribune Tower,
Buildings in Gothic, or glass and steel purity, ornate show of power.
Cruise out from the dock gently rolling with wakes,
Dappled ripples reflections, leisurely steaming the boat takes.

Views along river front and small pleasure craft rolling.

Turn around at the Madison Street bridge, heading out.
Riverside cafe's below streets, stone pillars decorative yet stout.
Water bike rentals, sunshine, people hanging waving over rails,
Tiny moments of riverside peace on breaks from works' travails.

Ahead lies Lake Michigan, second largest fresh water lake in the world.

Warmth, all our faces smiling while white sea gulls cried and soared.
Army Engineers locks raise cruise boat, small outboard.
The jet-ski's are awaiting the raise of the lock impatient to run,
And when the lock gate opens wide, dash off for waves and fun.

The sail boats silently grace the horizon with white wings standing full.

The waters change from green to aqua to deep dark blue,
Looking out past the break-water line incredible hue.
Lake and sky as far as eye can see, Lighthouse stands solitary,
And Navy Pier hosts thousands for fun, giant white Ferris wheel not scary.

Wooden sided pleasure yachts, craft of every size, man-made islands.

The blue of lake and sky meets where the eye travels far,
And spray from our wake splashes softly on my young star.
A ten year old with a vacation full of the wider world,
Imagination's seeds planted to be one days wisdom's pearls.

He's smiling, along with sunshine and I, deep inside.

Head back to the dock and gently thump the side,
Passing crew at the gangway, a moment of thanks for the ride.
Walking over the river, seeing the city's life,
The beauty and the hustle, traffic full of strife.

We're free of that now, in timeless moments.

Down stone stairs to O'Brian's Irish Pub,
Peaking out on the water at beauties and an old barge tub.
Sipping ice-cold sodas under the umbrella straight from the fridge,
Looking at the ivory covered bridgehouse walls, door below bridge.

I've discovered The Secret Under The Bridge.

A tiny art gallery hidden in the drawbridge works below,
An unlikely spot to find in this all, under Chicago's flow.
A free show, the workings of the drawbridge, and painted scenes.
Bridges of Pairs hiding in the walls, amid giant gears and machines.

We snuck in for a peek or forty, interesting fun.
State Street Bridge Gallery, hidden away from the sun.
Sneak a peek if you find the time when you're in town,
And you'll see a tiny secret yet to gain renown.

We strolled merrily off into the summer evening sunshine.

I think the fountain at the corner was singing with my heart.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 07/24/2000

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Vacation Rules!!!

AuthorDate Entered/ModifiedViews
Daniel A. Stafford7/24/2000 9:14:49 PM
11/2/2020 11:13:41 AM
Daniel A.

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ART PAUL SCHLOSSERartpaul@mailcity.com 7:10:48 PM
I really like how you use description words. Maybe you should write a novel
Sue Alliebttfly9@yahoo.com 9:56:38 PM
Ah, noticing all those "little" tucked away sights!
Janine Danielspinnys@hotmail.comwww.spinnys.com7/29/2000 9:32:35 AM
Dan, you paint such a wonderful picture in my head. I could see all those things as if I were there. Beautiful colors and  mysterious smells with something interesting to see whichever way I look. Thank you...*S*