Friday, November 27, 2020

The Queen Of Colorful And Loud Has Found Her Cloud...

The Queen Of Colorful And Loud Has Found Her Cloud... 

I don't know much about you coming into this world,
But I doubt it was quiet.

Everything I ever saw you do,
It was colorful, 
Like LED headlights on the road,
An amazing dance that whirled,
A sunset that kept you looking.

An old family friend,
Little sister at a distance,
Your voice always raised for what you believed,
Hair-raising to the quiet ones like me,
All about attention,
Whether it was you that needed it,
Or for someone you loved.

Even leaving this world,
Quiet wasn't on the menu,
It was colorful,
Loud and in our faces,
True to your nature.

When we look up,
See a crazy bright star,
Twinkling on a late twilight cloud,
Won't let you look away,
We'll all know who it is,
Hear your voice echo,
So say hello for us to the welcoming committee,
Laugh at our crazy down here,
Until we see you all again.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 11/27/2020

Authors note:
For my "little - ha! - sister," Denise Pribbenow Webber