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Fountain of Light

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Daniel A. Stafford7/23/2000 2:00:31 AM
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Fountain of Light

A family day starts, waking in the morning, three ready to go.
Hoping to make it in time, construction or no.
Riding and weaving we make the train,
Chicago Loop tour on the "EL", I'd thought it would rain.

Just right sunny summer greets us downtown.

Explained buildings from a second story view,
Guides that tell you details of old and new,
Child with wide eyes, both large and small,
Riding around a city that stands strong and tall.

History learned and made at the same time.

Walking through the art galleries and Broadcast Museum,
Cultural tour of old radios and TV's, you can both touch and see 'em.
Pictures of Egypt in grand ancient stone,
And gardens with statues, like kings on a throne.

Abstracts, Lincoln, flowers, blue skies.

Walking the lake front at the marina, water of Michigan.
Rippled surface in a thousand aqua shades, see all you can.
You can not see the far shore, but sails are abounding,
Sea gulls and sunshine, tall white ship astounding.

Beautiful white sailing vessel now giving tours.

Lighthouse on the breakwater, bobbing boats everywhere.
People far gazing, lying in grass, slow motion laid back affair.
Feet take us through the park, Chicago's magic summer day.
People pedal bike cars four to a ride, blue and yellow let's say.

Rose gardens, flower beds, sprinkled on land.

Tracking through tree-shaded greens, small fountains.
Buildings surrounding like man-made mountains.
Finally the centerpiece comes into view,
Buckingham Fountain, old, but to my son and I new.

Dedicated in 1927, ethereal beauty in copper and stone.

Georgia pink marble in three finely sculpted tiers, flowing.
Wide at the base, smaller second dish, upper little and glowing.
Each overflowing into the scalloped next bowl,
And jets all around with spectacular plumed flows.

A one hundred thirty seven foot central plume.

They turn the jets full twenty minutes of two hours,
And the plume in the center then truly towers.
Jets in the corners of the base fountain pool,
Looking like flowers of flowing water so cool.

When the central plume rises towards the Sun, the rainbow comes.

Stretching just across the plaza with colors ablaze,
A rainbow shines strongly in the misty water haze.
Ending upon the bench where my love and I had just sat,
If we'd stayed moments longer the pot of gold would be under my hat.

A flowing plume is the rainbow's flagpole.

Look past the fountain the blue of the lake,
And evening magenta and dark purple begins to take,
Over the sky where the darkness now falls,
Graced with white wings soaring and sea gulls' calls.

That's when the lights begin to play.

Dusk and darkness sweep the night skies in grace,
Skyscrapers lights in varied decorative race,
And the varicolored lights in the fountain begin their dance.
The bowls turn to gold with a rose colored flame atop for romance.

Lights dance like magic spells cast by fairy entertainers.

The fountain glows with a seeming inner light as the show unwinds.
Crowds of lovers holding hands, families and children night finds,
Ooo's and aaahhs grace these fated ears just sweet sounds,
And the fountain has turned deep glowing red with a violet crown.

The colors change through soft misty rainbows in the magical spray.

And now to add to the show something totally unplanned,
In the back-dropping night sky glowing motes stand.
A fireworks display majestic and grand lights up the night,
All colors and booms, fountains of motes of beautiful light.

Behind the softly colored glowing fountain, motes of light soar in formation.

The Grand Finale In spectacular color and crashes surrounding,
The rushing of the glowing fountains we're ringing.
At last, just the rushing and soft light of the fountain display remains,
Amidst the cool breezes and the lights of ships asail and their horn refrains.

The lights of Chicago, a magical gift for Lover, Father, and Child.

Vacation magic granted by a graceful universe.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 07/23/2000

Author's Comments

This was our day today, my ten year old son, Lady Saren and I. We had no clue that we would end up at Buckingham Fountain in the afternoon and evening, nor any idea that there would be fireworks. Especially not a large commercial display that would backdrop the fountain. All of us were captivated with the natural rainbow in the afternoon and the man-made ones this evening. I am writing this as we have just returned home this evening with the hopes that I can convey as much of such wonder in detail for all as possible. I hope you all enjoy our little taste of magic. And the rainbow really did end on the bench where we had just sat....

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Daniel A. Stafford7/23/2000 2:00:31 AM
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