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Moon Glow Salad

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Daniel A. Stafford7/13/2000 9:55:06 PM
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Moon Glow Salad

They're holding conferences, clear across the deep blue sea,
Officials from every country, it seems but we.
They want to divide up the Moon, eat it up for lunch.
And they speak of solar power there to give it extra punch.

Moon glow salad, microwaves beamed to mother Earth.

Diana grid-lined and divvied up by the boys.
United States does drag it's heels, soon to miss the joys,
Of having a near place from which to launch,
From a place where gravity is not so staunch.

NASA turning a blind eye.

You know, it's just about the most conveniently placed,
Stepping stone next door to any place,
And we're just giving it over without participation,
And giving up the future of our nation.

We, who first walked upon the Moon Man's face.

We won the race, and are now giving up the stars.
The place our focus now resides? Look you to Red Mars.
With the Moon for a boost, oh night light Ruler of tides,
The Red Desert is far easier, to take in stride.

Shall we scoff at God's great gift?

Balance in our plan, we need to stand in forefront!
Where is our leadership, who should not punt?
Right next door, barely across the celestial street,
Is the silvery Lady of Night, who's solace is sweet.

We need her guiding, helping hand.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 07/13/2000

Author's Comments "Exploring the Moon: Europe Leads the Way By Leonard David, Senior Space Writer WASHINGTON -- The moon can be seen as an escaped continent of Earth. The question now facing the world is how best to transform that barren landmass into a thriving hub of scientific research and industrialization. Increasingly, many nations are taking a longing look at Earth's celestial next-door neighbor. To prove the point, you don't have to look much farther than the Fourth International Conference on Exploration and Utilization of the Moon. Set for July 10-15, the lunar conference will be held in Noordwijk, with the city heralded as the "Capital of the Moon." Plotting the next steps on the moon is already on Europe's space agenda. Similarly, Japan is readying its Lunar A mission in 2003, and the Selene moon lander for a 2004 touchdown. All manner of ideas are to be discussed, Foing said, be they lunar astronomical observatories; cost issues for a human return to the moon; even the economic and legal aspects of setting up a commercial business on Luna. During the conference, a "Lunar Declaration" is to be drafted. The document serves as a plan of action for international lunar explorers and space agencies keen on 21st-century exploration and use of the moon, Foing said. Mars myopia: Michael Duke, co-chairman of ILEWG, said that interest in the moon appears higher in Europe than in the United States. Duke is also a research scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas. "The upcoming conference can serve to promote an international lunar program. However, there is no sign of U.S. leadership in this area, as NASA appears to be placing all of its attention on Martian exploration," Duke said."
ME: I am quoting this article because it is such a huge issue. Many people quite simply do not understand what the Moon REALLY is. It is our closest celestial neighbor. It is also a very convenient launch point for space missions to anywhere beyond Earth. It is extremely difficult and expensive to lift anything off the Earth and escape it's gravity. The Earths' atmosphere adds to the problem by adding heat and drag to the picture. 250,000 miles over yonder sits this huge glowing heap of raw materials for space craft, factories, power stations, and one sixth the gravity and no atmosphere to interfere with launches. Mars is a lot further and in the long run much more expensive without a Lunar waypoint. We need to be doing the raw robot exploration of Mars, yes, because we'll need to go  there next, but first we need the Moon. How convenient a place for it to be. Is our country going to let every square inch go by default? We need to be in on this!

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Daniel A. Stafford7/13/2000 9:55:06 PM
11/3/2020 3:11:02 AM
Daniel A.

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Janine Danielspinnys@hotmail.comwww.spinnys.com7/13/2000 10:30:50 PM
This poem has incredible impact. Sitting here "Down Under" I can feel the rest of the Earth above me pressing down. We don't have a space exploration program so PLEASE don't leave me behind when you all leave! I agree something has to be done but is it going to turn the Moon into just another over-populated Earth?