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Celestial Dance

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Daniel A. Stafford7/11/2000 12:19:50 AM
9/7/2020 10:23:54 AM

Celestial Dance

On a quiet evening, last trip out the door,
A quiet night light show in store.
A surprise gift from the heavens.

Above, quiet crystal clear starry sky,
And just over there, the Moon does fly.
Look south, a line of rolling clouds sweeps the sky.

A soft ring around the Moon high over the silver edged clouds,
And a grandeur in size and spectacle visually loud.
Hiding in the clouds, lightning strikes.

Racing on bright flashes a near constant visual refrain,
Darkness that it so seems to disdain,
Lightning creates dancing glowing chains tying the clouds together.

Strobe light flashes light the entire hemisphere of sky in flickers,
And cloud skirts backlighted with purple orange flashes under the knickers,
Looking anywhere in the sky their bright flashes are seen as a flickering glow.

Dancing underneath the Moon, glorious Lamp Of The Night,
An Earthly rival to the northern lights,
And new brief companion to the ancient jaded twinkling stars.

The faerie folk dancing in the sky,
Their magic fires flickering in rhythm to the tunes,
of tiny leprechauns' flutes, rendered grand across the roof of the world.

Only a lone poet their silent witness.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 07/11/2000

Author's Comments

Just a faded description of the sky I saw last night. An unusual combination, Clear Moonlit and starry skies overhead with a  stormline covering the entire southern sky in flashes and flickering ghostly chains. It was both unusual in the contrast of sky and continuous frequency of lightning strokes above the cloud deck. Sometimes you could even see individual bolts racing along the edges of clouds like a glowing living snake of light. The glow of the flashes was clearly visible as a soft white  background light no matter where in the sky you looked, filtering the stars and moon during strikes. Welcome to the heartland during those hours when the mind goes into a night time mode.........

AuthorDate Entered/ModifiedViews
Daniel A. Stafford7/11/2000 12:19:50 AM
9/7/2020 10:23:54 AM
Daniel A.

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Janine Danielspinnys@hotmail.comwww.spinnys.com7/13/2000 1:18:46 PM
Do you get tired of hearing me say this? Wow Dan, I love this poem too. When you describe something you see it's like watching a technicolor movie in my head. This's such a talent Dan.
KatKatzMeowSS@netscape.net8/7/2000 5:08:04 PM
It's so great that you can share such descriptive poems with everyone. Especially when they show how much you're enamored with Nature and the Nighttime. Good job!