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Foundations' Shadows


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Daniel A. Stafford6/29/2000 2:57:49 AM
9/18/2020 2:26:42 PM

Foundations' Shadows

Stumble across an unexpected clue,
Just by chance do you explore,
and next you find yourself,
Immersed in days before.

They are the cause of me.

Ancestors you didn't know,
And times that have passed their flow,
Sleuthing by accident, on investigations embark,
Because something peeks at you, a corener from the dark.

They founded my entire world.

Without the names upon the page, forgetfulness would rule,
But if you dig deep enough, you'll find a few to rule.
They say that storied times, were hidden by dust,
Caused of long ago passing and ancient lust.

Where did I come from?

Wanderers did come upon,
The beauty of our shores, and then they went on,
Because of hidden scores, or maybe to win fortune,
Or were answering the call, or might have sung a different tune.

Dreaming of distant lands.

Do you think they watch us now, their long-fated legacy,
The keepers of their flame, who have lost their very name?
We pass their works most every day,
And often look the oher way.

They sowed our seeds strong and true.

But long ago they lived and loved,
Their hearts held common joys,
And yes they shared sorrows,
And faded into gray.

Lost into the mists of time.

Hidden in old papers, crumbling markers,
Are fantastic stories, hopes and dreams.
They precede us, yet await us.
Shall we do them proud?


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 06/29/2000

Author's Comments

History. It's weight is on the grandest scale. Ancestors we barely know. I recently stumbled on some genealogical sites regarding my family quite by chance. It's fascinating. My family comes from, as far as I can tell, a small but highly regarded Barony in England or Britain. I think I'll dig a bit. Who knows who I'll get to know?

AuthorDate Entered/ModifiedViews
Daniel A. Stafford6/29/2000 2:57:49 AM
9/18/2020 2:26:42 PM
Daniel A.

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APoetsPerspective6/29/2000 2:09:29 PM
This was pretty fascinating, and a good poem to describe the process. Let us know what you might dig up!