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Dancing In The Sky


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Daniel A. Stafford6/28/2000 1:24:09 AM
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Dancing In The Sky

Is it just a pretty dream?
Are the stars nothing more than God's Christmas lights?
Are we just to stand here down below,
Wishing we could really boldly go?

I just don't think so!

Shuttles rise in columns of dancing smoke and fire,
And astronauts are privy to a view that's higher,
But I'll tell you a secret of mine, a hidden desire.
I wan't to ride the flame before I retire!

There are things we all should know.

The stars look wondrous draped across the midnight sky,
But that is just one of the least of the reasons why.
Beyond this Earth are riches, of spirit and of things,
And a destination with no boundaries there to clip our wings.

Let me paint you a picture.

Europa, moon of Jupiter, land of ice and snow,
Shines like an icy jewel, has an ocean just below.
Mars has ancient rivers burried under rust,
And lot's of room to live, so get there or bust!

Floating like a feather in spectacular stark relief.

The white-washed Moon, looking cold and bare,
Is a world of treasures, just over there.
Stepping stone to the stars, perhaps a diamond mine,
A lightness of being, you will literally find.

There is so much awaiting us.

Ganymede another world, Callisto's twin,
Mines and factories, could be hidden within.
No biosphere to pollute, no reason to refute,
An economy of scale, a frontier economy that will never fail.

We're the life meant to be out there.

Stars in all their colors that shine out in the void,
Dancing rings of Saturn, no need for paranoid,
Delusions or to fear, It's plain as the nose upon your face,
That we should go, it's the future and destiny of our race.

The Solar System is our home.

Isn't it time we left the cradle and learned to live in the entire house?


By: Daniel A. Stafford

Author's Comments

I think it's well known how I feel on this subject, but there are things many people have yet to take the time to learn. We have the methods to expand the places we can live for centuries yet to come awaiting us right out there. We can make homes in places of the harshest nature that contain both beauty and safety, we've proven that again and again. Our ancestors dared to tread where they were told monsters lived, or that they would fall off the very world. Now we make up stories of aliens to scare ourselves into a small corner of the universe, children not yet willing to leave the nest. Just a few bold souls so far have gone. To see the Earth from orbit, And see that lines of national boundaries are a joke in the cosmic scheme of things. And shame on us to leave all our eggs in one basket this way when we could do better. So very, very much awaits us in the near future. Urge these grand explorers and creators of our future on I say!. I am thankful there are those out there who see the light.....of a distant star.

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Daniel A. Stafford6/28/2000 1:24:09 AM
10/19/2020 1:29:01 AM
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