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The Worst Alarm Clock Noise

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Daniel A. Stafford8/7/2000 2:56:30 AM
10/2/2020 11:19:26 PM

The Worst Alarm Clock Noise

When I was in my younger days, I listened to you.
I loved your music, and through your songs grew,
And the tunes back then that graced my ears,
Have come to be comforting old friends throughout my years.

It takes me back, to sing along.

People say," what value is rhyme or song?"
I have to tell them just to sing along.
You know you started a revolution,
But you never claimed you owned the solution.

But you led our hearts down Penny Lane.

Your compatriots and you made an incredible four,
And we all shall wish you had written so much more,
But we're thankful for God's kind grace,
To allow you the time you had in this place.

You enriched our heart-life so much.

I'll never forget awakening that morning,
A terrible shout without any warning.
An Airman of just nineteen, my call to duty, awaken.
The clock-radio alarm went off, I wish it had been mistaken.

John Lennon has been shot, the first thing I heard that morning.

I set the alarm quite loud,
To be sure to rescue me from my dreaming cloud,
To be sure that I would awaken,
Never suspecting that a fool, your life had taken.

My head shot off the pillow, just as the bullet from the assasin's gun.

I had a tear I tried not to cry,
I was wishing that it was a lie,
But destiny and life are not toys,
I'd finally heard the worst alarm clock noise.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 08/07/2000

Author's Comments

When I was a young Airman in New Mexico, this is how I woke up one morning. I keep the volume very high on my alarm radio to ensure that I awaken. I was blown off my pillow to the statement "John Lennon has been shot!" at incredible volume. It was one of the saddest things I had heard in my young life. I shall never forget that.

AuthorDate Entered/ModifiedViews
Daniel A. Stafford8/7/2000 2:56:30 AM
10/2/2020 11:19:26 PM
Daniel A.

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Janine Danielspinnys@hotmail.comwww.spinnys.com9/26/2000 3:18:19 PM
I've got a tear in my eye right now after reading this. I couldn't have expressed it any better and I felt the same way as you about
them. When I heard that horrible news, I was devastated. To this day I still play and sing along to their songs and I still have many favorites, not just one song. What a wonderfully written poem Dan.
APoetsPerspective6/28/2001 11:06:51 AM
I think i had a similar experience when i heard of the Space Shuttle Challenger accident. I remember that night, lying in bed crying. The shock of John Lennon was also something i would not forget, and also the death of Diana. I wonder why these deaths would affect us so? Maybe because they were so unexpected, so sudden? Thanks for sharing this poem. I happen to find it on the "Most Active" list! I'll have to think of other ways to bring to the forefront poems like this, written long ago, and yet still as good as the day they were written.
Daniel A. Staffordaqmstaffo@mailbag.comwww.whizzyrds.com12/12/2005 7:10:13 PM
I think the rest of that day fell into a black hole and was sucked completely out of this universe.