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Fading Treasures


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Daniel A. Stafford6/17/2000 12:51:28 AM
9/24/2020 9:01:49 AM

Fading Treasures

Thousands of miles of decaying film memories told to a few generations, then allowed to waste.
Golden dreams that barely will exist. Articles in basement vaults, rotting away gave us a taste,
Saving our memory as a nation, people as fast as we can race, make haste!

Precious times fading away into the mists.

Losing our minds one slip at a time, little tiny pieces forever gone with each death.
No need to forget, not like before, we could live forever, we could restore,
The golden times which we have lived, the elegance, heartaches, loves sweet baby breath.
How can we let things go so far that were so near to our hearts, that which deserves so much more?

The very thought makes me clench my fists.

We're dying as our memories and history fade, slowly away.
If we only tried, we'd be here forever to stay,
Remembered, recorded, in exquisite detail.
The very first people not to fade beyond the pale.

The lessons we've learned should not go to naught!

Beauty, oh beauty, irrevocably lost! Who could imagine life without memory?
Bogart, Monroe, Dean, and more, please, oh please hurry, digitally restore!
Could we lose Elvis to the blight, of aging media?
Look at how deeply we must dig, to remember the anchients of yore.

They're mostly just legends now.

It doesn' have to be. We do not have to fade away into the cold mists of time.
WE are the first, with a chance to climb, the mountains of distance through dimension four.
We can be remembered, and our time retain it's beauty and glory, if we but have the will.
Is living with everything disposable to make our very memories so?

Do you not care, that you'll be vanished, not fair?

Why do we suffer fading treasures?
The truly rich being is the one who is remembered, and passes something on.
Let the future know us, who we were. Ours is such a lovely time in many ways.
Golden dreams and fading treasures in temporal graves,
They do not belong buried! They do not belong lost!

Save our times, it's well worth the cost!


By: Daniel A. Stafford

(C) 06/17/2020

Author's Comments

Day by day, hour by hour, we are losing our memories. Films rotting in vaults, newspapers turning to faded scraps of acidic waste. Where can you find a drive in movie now? We are the first group of generations that has a chance to pass on the vivid and clear memory of who we are, how fair our time was and is, the lessons we learned, the dreams we shared, and the richest heritage of culture ever amassed in recorded media. We desperately need to get our times recorded in digital format....CD's last for hundreds of years. Newspaper and film vanish in just a few. We have lost far too much already. The thought haunts me. Such a terrible shame, that we let our real treasures fade away.

AuthorDate Entered/ModifiedViews
Daniel A. Stafford6/17/2000 12:51:28 AM
9/24/2020 9:01:49 AM
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