Saturday, October 03, 2020

The Journey...

The Journey... 

Lay your journal by your side,
Let us take a walk outside.

Down a twilit path of earth and stone,
Know you do not walk alone.

Through a field as you stride,
A guide appears pacing at your side.

An old bridge crossing creek,
Throw your troubles in before you seek.

Water burbling down below,
Away your worries now do flow.

Say you now,
Free of fear you are guided how.

Into the dappled light of wooded trail,
Your heart is light as you travail.

A hill with mighty tree atop,
Below a cave into which you drop.

Caverns deep.

Soon you walk ancient stony halls,
Mysterious carved symbols on its walls.

Opens up a world below,
Filled with all whom you once did know.

As with ancestors you converse,
Secrets once covered now reverse.


Across this land you now pace,
No hurry nor worry 'tis no race.

To the other side you now go,
Climbing up from the world below.

Out into open you now walk,
A glowing world where everything can talk.

To trees and stones you can relate,
Creatures and even waters tell it straight.

Take your time and hear them well,
For awhile we here will dwell.


Soon enough you become a raven,
Hawk, or dove,
Into the air which whispers you fly above.

High straight North there is no cold,
You remember each secret you were told.

Far above the ice and snow,
To what seems a great mountain you now go.

As you near you see,
It is no mountain,
But the greatest Tree.

Atop the pinnacle perched your eyes look up,
Your wings again hands which you cup.

The world spins 'round a mighty star,
Auroras light the night both near and far.

Milky way and stars wind slowly around and around,
You hear their voices without a single sound.

Now a Spirit you soar above,
To hear the Universe's song of eternal love.

To the Moon or Mars you might go,
Even to the center's great Black hole.


Back to Earth you become a bird,
Remember deeply every word.

Flying South or East or West,
You return to home and human to now rest.

To your town,
You pick up your journal and write it down.

Lay down down your pen,
Give thanks to each whose wisdom you now ken.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 10/03/2020

Audio & poem free to use with accreditation. - Dan Stafford.