Saturday, October 10, 2020

My Take On Strongroom Blagazine

Strongroom is a mix of eclectic voices from multiple nations, primarily African, but they include a few like me from around the world. 

A lot of the content is poetry, which I of course love. Poetry is the open font of Humanity's heart, and is classless, raceless, and nationless. Under the surface we all have deep wells of emotion that flow from the same river of soul.

Additional content includes short stories, quotes, and occasionally informative pieces.

The nations of Africa often are seen here in the Western world as dangerous or naive or both. I would say of late, perhaps we should look in the mirror - and then maybe listen with an open heart and mind.

It's refreshing to me to hear voices from a part of the world so far away, and see the common thread of humanity we all share. I think maybe this is the point of the site.

Maybe go see and read for yourself.